Alan Wake 2. Credit: Remedy Entertainment.

‘Herald Of Darkness’, a now-iconic rock ballad from survival horror Alan Wake 2, will be coming to Spotify and other streaming platforms later this week.

Following the launch of Alan Wake 2 on October 27, fans were surprised by the level ‘We Sing’ –  a 20-minute rock opera set to the original track ‘Herald Of Darkness’.

The song is performed by Finnish rock band Poets Of The Fall, who play fictional rock band Old Gods Of Asgard. It also features vocals from actors David Harewood (Mr Door) and Matthew Porretta (Alan Wake), who star in choreographed dance numbers along with creative director Sam Lake.

Following the level’s popularity, Poets Of The Fall have confirmed that ‘Herald Of Darkness’ will be coming to “all major platforms,” including Spotify and Apple Music, on November 15.

Additionally, the band (under Old Gods Of Asgard) will also release ‘Rebirth – Greatest Hits‘ on December 8.  The album is set to feature the rest of their songs from Alan Wake 2, along with their tracks from the first game and Remedy Entertainment‘s supernatural shooter Control.

Last month, Sam Lake and the team at Finnish production house Fried Music spoke to NME about creating Alan Wake 2‘s “pop songs for weirdos,” which started with a mysterious songwriting camp in Helsinki.

Weeks later, Alan Wake 2 launched to critical acclaim – including NME‘s own five-star review.

“Alan Wake 2 isn’t just the best horror game we’ve seen in years – it’s one of the best games, period,” reads our review. “Though its emphasis on exploration may progress a little too slowly for some, its unsettling presentation and jaw-dropping graphics make it one of the most ambitious titles we’ve seen to date. Don’t miss it.”

In other gaming news, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 fans have found a way to unlock guns without using the game’s awkward armoury system.

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