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Fans are reacting to yet another event ‘predicted’ by The Simpsons.

The show has gained a reputation for featuring fictional events, which eventually come to fruition in real life, including the presidency of Donald Trump, Greta Gerwig’s climate change speech, and Apple Vision Pro.

The latest of The Simpsons’ ‘predictions’ to have come to light is the three-eyed fish Blinky, who is featured in the 1990 episode Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish.

Last week, a Reddit user posted a picture of what appears to be a fish with three eyes – one on top of its head and two on either side. The fish was reportedly caught off the coast of Greenland.

Fans quickly noticed the link, and took to the comments to acknowledge The Simpson’s time-travelling reputation. One wrote: “Simpsons predictions always come true,” while another wrote: “So that’s where Springfield is located,” referring to the fictional town in which the show is set.

Three-eyed cod caught off the coast of Greenland
byu/No_Row_8284 ininterestingasfuck

Another user wrote: “Hey, fisherman found Blinky! Caught near the Springfield nuclear power plant,” while another put: “Cue The Simpsons theme.”

In the episode, Bart catches Blinky while fishing with Lisa at the Old Fishin’ Hole. The three-eye mutation is a product of the nuclear waste at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, where Homer works.

The plant owner Mr. Burns, who is running for governor, claims that Blinky is not a mutant but a step in the evolutionary ladder, in order to win the election.

When Marge serves Mr. Burns Blinky on a plate for dinner at the Simpsons’ home, he spits the fish out, dooming his campaign and losing him the election.

Elsewhere, another user added to the time-travelling rumour by posting a picture of an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus from circa 1186-1069 B.C, whose illustration closely resembles Marge.

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