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Relic Entertainment has released a new developer diary for Company Of Heroes 3 detailing the art and authenticity of the upcoming real-time strategy.

The video shared by Relic details some of the upcoming art choices that will be present in Company Of Heroes 3. First, they discussed tanks and how they will change based on their environment.

When a tank is moving around the battlefield, it will pick up dirt that will match the environment. This allows the vehicles to feel more grounded in the combat area. This redesign also extends to damage. Now each tank will have defined regions of its model that will show visible damage that matches the location and type of impact it has received.

In the video, Kristian Bourdage, the principal artist on Company Of Heroes 3, said that in previous games, “things like damage and wear and tear were kind of baked down into vehicles. So, you would have your panzer, and it would have some grit and dirt, and that was just baked on the unit. What we’re doing this time is we’ve actually invested heavily in this complex vehicle shader.”

Soldiers will also receive similar cosmetic upgrades that better match the history of the conflict. Now units will have patches and insignias that match the division they are fighting under.

The team at Relic has done extensive research, saying in the video that they have watched a lot of historical footage, and documentaries, and read lots of historical texts and technical diaries to ensure they achieve as authentic an art style as possible.

In other news, Infinity Ward has teased that Ghost may return to the franchise’s campaigns as they prepare to reveal the next entry in the rebooted Modern Warfare series later this year.

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