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Elden Ring players can buy an in-game currency boost for real-world money, but doing so could also come with a ban.

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring uses an experience system seen in all of FromSoftware’s Souls-like games, as each enemy you defeat drops currency players spend to level up and on items. In Elden Ring, these are called runes. However, any death causes all runes to be dropped at the location the player was felled.

Now those runes are being sold for real money on eBay. Players can purchase the runes in the millions, then head to the seller’s in-game world to collect. Eurogamer tested the service and came away with 2million runes for the cost of £11. However, there is a chance that any sale could be a scam.

Elden Ring waypoint ruins
Elden Ring. Credit: FromSoftware.

Eurogamer also found that spending the runes gained them a lot of levels but didn’t help them make progress as their weapons and armour were still massively underdeveloped, and didn’t have good scaling for the newly boosted stats. They also reached a point where they could’t afford another level but still had many runes left over that could be lost at any time.

According to FromSoftware’s terms of service (as spotted by IGN), any player caught buying or selling runes for real money could have their rune wallet wiped, and their account suspended or banned.

Elsewhere in Elden Ring news, an interactive map has been released to help players navigate The Lands Between. The in-browser tool allows players to track down items, quests, and Sites of Grace within the game world. As the map is an ongoing project, some locations may not be accurate, and others may be missing.

In other news, Nintendo has put its Switch eShop into maintenance mode in Russia, preventing the service from being used in the country.

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