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Epik High frontman Tablo expressed his admiration for BTS and the group’s artistry.

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, the Korean-Canadian musician briefly talked about the wordplay in ‘Super Rare’, a cut from their newest studio album ‘Epik High Is Here 下, Part 2’, which he explained advocates for authenticity in music.

“Don’t do it for the streams, do it for the actual emotions,” he elaborated. “You could have three views, but if you’re able to affect the lives of those three people [who] listen, you’ve done your thing.”

Tablo then cited BTS as a group that, while garnering high streaming numbers, is able to connect to fans on a deeper level. “You have groups like BTS who have these incredible numbers, but they also literally affect people with their actual content,” he said. “They affect them emotionally.”

This isn’t the first time Epik High’s frontman has voiced his appreciation for the group. Earlier this week, Tablo said that his love for the boyband “knows no bounds” after BTS leader RM shared Instagram Stories of himself listening to songs from ‘Epik High Is Here下 (Part 2)’.

Tablo also previously spoke about BTS’ support during his appearance on SBS radio programme Cultwo Show last June. “The members all share the same account, so I don’t know who uploaded the photo, but it showed that they were listening to the song,” he said.

“We’re close with RM and Suga. Back when we weren’t close, they came to visit us in our waiting room. We became friends then.”

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