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David Goldfarb, who was the lead director for Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2, has said he is “astonished” at what he describes as “missteps” with Battlefield 2042.

Speaking on Twitter, Goldfarb said that he recently watched a breakdown of the game’s perceived issues, and said he was “astonished that there were this many missteps even knowing the obstacles from higher up.”

“Really trying to understand why some of these design calls were made,” said Goldfarb. “Why are there no smaller infantry maps? Why was 128 player count a thing that didn’t seemingly have any accommodation for infantry? Why are whole maps shipping without detail art?”

Issues with map design were raised by players around the launch of Battlefield 2042. When it was hit with thousands of negative Steam reviews, much of the feedback touched on the maps feeling “empty”.

Continuing, Goldfarb asked “was no one in control of quality over there? Who thought this experience honoured the [Battlefield] sandbox experience and took it forward?”

Though Goldfarb now heads indie studio The Outsiders, he does have a suggestion for Dice moving forward. “The best thing for Dice’s next would be to make 2143 and go forward in time and reclaim their mantle of combined arms badassery that they built their legacy on alongside a really unique IP they created,” he suggests.

At the moment, a petition demanding that EA issues refunds for Battlefield 2042 is attracting a lot of support. When we wrote about it on Wednesday (February 9) it had 54,540 signatures, but today (February 11) it has nearly 150,000 signatures.

This follows the announcement that a much-requested Scoreboard feature for Battlefield 2042 has been delayed.

Elsewhere in the world of gaming, Riot Games has outlined how it’s handling abuse and toxicity within Valorant – and what it plans to implement going forward.

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