A cover version of JUDAS PRIEST's "Breaking The Law" was featured in a new Super Bowl LVI commercial from Liquid Death, a water company that packages its product in a can instead of plastic bottles. The commercial shows a bunch of grade school-aged children hanging out and drinking Liquid Death in a party-like atmosphere. Then, a pregnant woman drinks it. After purposely not showing what Liquid Death exactly is, making it seem that the kids and the pregnant woman may be getting drunk, the ad finishes by saying, "Don't be scared. It's just water." Liquid Death is reportedly the No. 1 water brand on Instagram and TikTok, as well as the No. 7 among all beverage brands. As for the reason why, Andy Pearson, vice-president of creative at Liquid Death, said: "We like taking a stance that other brands would never touch." This is not the first time "Breaking The Law" has been used on a soundtrack, having appeared in many other commercials, as well as movies and TV shows. "Breaking The Law" was a breakthrough song from PRIEST's 1980 album "British Steel". Singer Rob Halford stated about the lyrical inspiration for the track: "It was a time in the U.K. when there was a lot of strife ... there were street riots. It was a terrible time. That was the incentive for me to write a lyric to try to connect with that feeling that was out there. Writing the lyrics for 'Breaking The Law', I tried to put myself in the mind of a jobless young bloke at his wits' end." Liquid Death previously put skateboard icon Tony Hawk's blood on a line of limited-edition skateboards, made a horror movie, and promoted its product as the ideal bongwater. In May 2020, Liquid Death enlisted GRUESOME drummer Gus Rios to write and record a heavy metal album called "Greatest Hates" using angry online comments about Liquid Death as its song titles and lyrics. In November of that year, Liquid Death released a second album about why people hate their product. "Greatest Hates, Vol. 2" featured musicians from bands like the LAWRENCE ARMS, RISE AGAINST, ALKALINE TRIO, THE BOMBPOPS, ANTI-FLAG and more. Songtitles on the effort included "Your Product Is Dumb", "Fuck Your Ads", "I Thought This Was Alcohol" and "Another Contribution To A Very Sick Culture". A trailer for "Greatest Hates, Vol. 2" billed the album as a "new collection of angry online comments set to classic three-chord punk that will take you back to the days of hating your stepdad," and the artwork featured a can of Liquid Death getting guillotined.

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