Convergence: A League Of Legends Story. Credit: Riot Forge.

The release date for Convergence: A League of Legends Story has been confirmed, with the time-bending platformer set to launch later this month.

Following its announcement in 2021, Convergence will launch on May 23 for Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

As for what it’s about, the game will follow League Of Legends champion Ekko through the city of Zaun, which was the setting of Netflix’s 2021 animation Arcane.

The game will be a platformer with an emphasis on parkour and Ekko’s signature ability — just like in League Of Legends, the hero is equipped with a device that allows him to manipulate time.

“Developed by Double Stallion Games, Convergence: A League Of Legends Story is a 2D action platformer with an incredible art style that focuses on tight dynamic combat and unique exploration opportunities afforded by Ekko’s ability to travel in space and time,” reads the game’s Steam page.

In the latest trailer for Convergence, Ekko is shown time-travelling to meet a younger version of himself in an attempt to save Zaun from a “devastating future”. Besides Ekko, League Of Legends fans will be able to spot a number of returning characters from the game — including Jinx, Warwick, and Camille.

Check it out below.

Convergence will arrive just over a month after The Mageseeker: A League Of Legends Story, which was published by Riot Forge last month (April 18).

Like Convergence, The Mageseeker is a League spin-off — though instead of following Ekko, it stars Demacian mage Sylas as he leads a rebellion against the kingdom. The game was

Prior to that, Riot Forge’s last published games were Hextech Mayhem and Ruined King in 2012, with NME awarding the latter game four stars in a review.

In other gaming news, StreamElements has announced the recipients of this year’s Creator Diversity Program.

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