Ozzy Osbourne

A life-size homage to Ozzy Osbourne has been unveiled in the rock legend’s hometown of Birmingham – made entirely of cake.

The extravagant gateau depicts the Black Sabbath singer sitting upon his throne, eyes wide in a satanic grin, his finger outstretched at passers-by.

The sculpture is part of this year’s Cake International show at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre, with Jane Lashbrook the cake artist that has brought the Prince of Darkness to life in sweet form.

Other famous figures that have been modelled at the exhibition include King Charles and the cast of Netflix show Stranger Things.

It continues an unusual period of time in Ozzy Osbourne news, after it was recently revealed that he once attempted to recruit a backing band for ‘80s pop maestro Rick Astley at the height of his fame. The offer was quickly given short shrift by Ozzy’s wife Sharon, however.

Sharon and Ozzy have recently been reflecting on the end of Ozzfest, the annual heavy metal festival that they founded. The final edition of the festival was held in 2018.

“It was a very weird beast because all the bands were our mates, but the managers were greedy and for some reason they thought that we were making billions on it and we weren’t,” said Sharon.

“We made a profit. But it was not like – we couldn’t retire on it,” she continued. “And managers and agents wanted more and more and more, and it just wasn’t cost-effective anymore. We stopped because it just wasn’t cost-effective.”

Last month, Ozzy also caught his family members and viewers off guard by admitting that he would willingly wet himself on stage as he was “wet anyway” from the on-stage antics.

Sharon also announced earlier this year that she intends to open an Ozzy Osbourne museum in Birmingham, which will feature a music education section and a café.

Ozzy also recently revealed that he has begun working on a new record, which he plans to record sometime in early 2024.

Ozzy revealed: “I’ve done two albums fairly recently, but I want to do one more album and then go back on the road.”

“I’m just starting to work on it now, and we’ll be recording in the early part of next year,” he added. “I want to take my time with this one!”

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