Tobias Forge of the Swedish rock band Ghost performs in concert during Resurrection Fest 2023 on June 28, 2023 in Viveiro, Spain. (Photo by Mariano Regidor/Redferns)

Ghost have released a new song, ‘The Future Is A Foreign Land’ – listen to it below.

Today (June 21), the band took to social media to reveal the “newly uncovered 1969-era” track, which is featured in their new narrative-concert hybrid film RITE HERE RITE NOW. In a clip taken from the film, it is revealed that the fictional character Papa Nihil – who also “wrote” the viral hit ‘Mary On A Cross’ and ‘Kiss The Go Goat’ – had written the track but had never released it.

Speaking to NME about the film, Ghost creator Tobias Forge explained of the track’s theme: “The message is that there’s a great lesson lost if you look at what is going on in the world now and what took us here… if you’re lucky enough to experience this film in the cinema, you’re pretty well off. You’re one of the lucky ones and you should enjoy life, embrace it and do everything in your power to make life better for you and everyone you know.”

He continued: “But remember the cost that it took for mankind in the past 55 years to get here and the sort of shit that we put each other through fighting for what we believe is a better world. It’s meant to make you feel thankful somehow that we can laugh at certain things and be at a fictional rock concert in this world.”

Listen to Ghost’s ‘The Future Is A Foreign Land’ below.

NME rated RITE HERE RITE NOW four stars, writing: “If you’re a casual fan, RITE HERE RITE NOW makes for a fun, enjoyable experience that should tide you over until their next album or tour. But if you’re a die-hard, this is essential viewing – not just for its exhilarating live moments, but for the next part of the gripping Ghost saga.”

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