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Kate Nash has shared a new single called ‘Imperfect’ – you can listen to it below.

The track is the latest preview of the singer-songwriter’s fifth studio album, which is due to arrive at some point this year. Following on from 2018’s ‘Yesterday Was Forever’, the record will also feature the 2021 songs ‘Horsie’ and ‘Misery’.

“My co-star Kimmy Gatewood and some of our brilliant writers Rachel Shukert and Sascha Rothchild from GLOW asked me if I could write a tween pop anthem for an episode of The Babysitters Club (Netflix) that they were all working on,” Nash explained of how ‘Imperfect’ came about.

“I’ve been writing for TV, film and musical theatre recently and it’s been so liberating as I get to explore different sides of being a songwriter. With ‘Imperfect’ I was able to sink quickly back into the mind of my 13-year-old self and sing through my hairbrush once again.”

Nash went on to say that the single was inspired by “the pop women of my teenage years, women like Stacie Orrico, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton and Ashlee Simpson”.

“While I put finishing touches on my album I thought I should just release this song as it’s so uplifting and fun and why the hell not,” she continued. “Please play it loud whilst applying lip gloss, white eyeliner and ironing the collar on your school shirt.”

In the track, Nash sings of the pressures to “be smart, be cute, be nice, be better” and tells the listener that she’s “just trying to be me“.

My skin is tough, but I am soft underneath/ Imperfect, but perfectly me,” its euphoric chorus goes.

Kate Nash is set to embark on a UK and European headline tour in May, with shows scheduled in London, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and other cities throughout the month and into early June.

A press release adds that the singer is currently “hatching plans” in terms of celebrating the 15th anniversary of her 2007 debut album, ‘Made Of Bricks’.

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