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The next Pokémon Unite character has been revealed as a possibly surprising choice in the form of Hoopa.

The official Pokémon Unite YouTube channel released a trailer showing off Hoopa’s abilities. Hyperspace Hole is an ability where “Hoopa creates a large ring at the designated location, and after a set amount of time, Hoopa and any ally Pokémon in the area of effect will return to their base.”

Once the Hyperspace Hole is in effect, Hoopa and ally Pokémon can also warp back to where the ring was created. As well as this, “creating the ring on the foremost goal zone of one path will also create a ring on the foremost goal zone of the opposite path. Hoopa and ally Pokémon can use the rings to warp back and forth between these two goal zones.” Overall it seems like a useful move for getting out of a tough situation, and getting back into the fray once you have recovered.

Hoopa’s unite move in Pokémon Unite allows it to become unbound, transforming into its other form. While unbound, its moves change to Hyperspace Fury and Psybeam, and basic attacks deal damage to up to two nearby opposing Pokémon. And when Hoopa uses its unite move, it creates a ring in a designated location, allowing ally Pokémon to warp there, but only once.

You can read more about Hoopa on the official Pokémon Unite website.

Pokémon Unite fans aren’t the only ones to get good Pokémon news this week. Tomorrow on Pokémon Day, Sunday 27, a new Pokémon Presents will be airing, but no information was revealed on what we can expect from it.

In other news, Risk of Rain 2 is getting a new endless wave mode as part of its upcoming Survivors of the Void expansion. Aside from the new mode, the expansion is also adding two new classes, the Railgunner and the Void Fiend.

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