Redfall Layla vs. Angler

Arkane Austin‘s supernatural shooter Redfall launched today (May 2), though the game has been met with “mostly negative” player-submitted reviews on Steam due to a variety of issues.

At time of writing, just 164 of Redfall‘s 546 player-submitted reviews are positive, meaning Steam has marked the game as having “mostly negative” reviews on its store page.

While performance issues are a common theme through many of the reviews, players have also criticised the game’s AI, an “empty” open world, and awkward multiplayer functionality.

“This is the first Arkane game that I don’t enjoy,” wrote one Steam user, who criticised Redfall‘s “hilariously dumb” enemies and issues with the way they spawned.

Another review also reported experiencing issues with the AI’s decision-making, and added that they experienced framerate stuttering despite playing with a high-end PC setup.

“Certainly not the buggiest game I’ve dealt with, but it is just absolutely unfinished,” reads this review. “Beyond its poor performance, which is questionable given its graphical fidelity and AI, the game simply contains so many minor grievances that rapidly add up, pulling me out of the experience.”

On the topic of performance issues, Redfall is the latest in a string of games to be criticised for the way it runs on PC. Last week’s launch of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was met with similar criticism, while The Last Of Us Part 1 recently suffered a rocky launch on PC due to a number of technical issues.

NME gave Redfall two stars in our review, and claimed it “squanders the potential of its core premise and the world that has been built around it with uninspiring shootouts and a fairly formulaic structure”.

In other gaming news, Strange Scaffold has confirmed a release date for its cutesy crime drama Sunshine Shuffle.

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