Help Zygg in the swamp is a Rumour mission in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. It gives you a location to visit: a small hut found in the Viscid Bog area of Koboh, where you’ll find Zygg, who has misplaced a datapad.

The thing with this mission, is that it’s very easy to get confused at to what you have to do. For some players, us included, the objective marker will not change after speaking to Zygg, and if you didn’t pick up on that they were saying the first time around, you’ll be completely lost.

Here’s how to help Zygg in the swamp in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, including a look at where to find their lost datapad.

How to help Zygg in the swamp in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Once you’ve picked up the quest to help Zygg in the Swamp, you will need to make your way to the location marked on your map. This is the Viscid Bog region of Koboh, and can be reached as part of the main story. You can see the spot you’re aiming for on the map below:

Once you’ve reached this location, you’ll see a small hut in front of you. Speak to Zygg inside, and they will tell you that they have lost a datapad full of research. Even worse, a bird flew off with it. Now, at this point the quest will either give you a new marker to follow, or it will bug out. No worries, you’re heading up to the Meditation Point nearby. Walk to the edge outside the hut, and use Force Lift (RB + Y) to lift a platform. Climb up to the top, and jump over to the Meditation Point.

If you do not have access to Force Lift yet, you will need to keep progressing the main story until Cal learns it. Depending on exactly where you are in the story, this will take another one or two hours. If you have this ability then once you’re at the Meditation Point, look back at the hut, and the platform you just climbed up, which will have now have fallen back down.

Use Force Lift to raise this platform once more, and use it to reach the ledge on the other side. This is where you’ll find the datapad, barely 20 meters away from Zygg. Have BD-1 scan it, and head back to Zygg. This will complete the quest.

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