Terraria patch 1.4.4. labor of love update

Terraria patch 1.4.4. – called the Labor of Love update – will bring even more content to the 2D game.

Announced yesterday (February 14) by YouTuber Chippy (thanks PCGamesN), the Labor of Love update is in response to the game winning Steam’s 2021 Labor of Love award.

On what fans can expect from the Labor of Love patch, Chippy said that “this update is not going to be primarily focused on content – it isn’t 1.5. Instead, it’s actually going to be focused on a whole bunch of balance changes but these ones are pretty substantial and for those that replay the game often I feel like you’re really going to notice some of these changes.”

Terraria patch 1.4.4. will bring various quality of life changes that include buffs from items like the crystal ball and sharpening stone lasting until death, and the Angler having a chance to chuck in some extra furniture along with his usual quest rewards. There are several other planned changes that Chippy mentions in his video, which you can view below.

Chippy added that although the Labor of Love update won’t be content-focused, “[Re-Logic] did say that they are going to include a couple of items, but these are going to be surprises that we discover on the day.”

One of these new items include the Resplendent Dessert, which allows players to summon both slime pets together. This is in response to a community petition that wanted Re-Logic to reunite the slime king and queen.

Outside of that, there’s also some balance changes for weapons such as the Dark Lance, Frostbrand, Flairon, Scourse of the Corruptor, and Star Wrath.

Wrapping up the video, Chippy noted that Re-Logic “did also mention that Terraria 1.4.4. is on the smaller side so that once this is wrapped up they can finally produce [the studio’s] second game.”

In other news, Team17 CEO Michael Pattison has told employees that “action has to be taken”, following reports of poor working conditions and sexual harassment within the company.

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