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Two Point Campus developer Two Point Studios has revealed another new course that players can enrol in when the game launches later this year, and it’s all about magic and witchcraft.

The Wizardry course for Two Point Campus has been revealed today (April 22), following the announcement of an Archaeology course earlier in the year.

A short reveal trailer showed the new course off, giving players a taste of what they can expect in this school of witchcraft and wizardry expansion. “Wizardry is for the sleight of hand, and the big of hat,” narrates the voiceover of the trailer.

The trailer highlights how much wizard-oriented decor can be added to the school, with magical looking books and a bronze statue of a wizard adorning the courtyard. Students can also be seen crafting potions with a pestle and mortar, mixing cauldrons, and facing off in wizarding duels.

According to a press release from Two Point Studios, in the Wizardry class “students can brew mysterious potions in the apothecary, command a crystal ball to reveal their future, or maybe get a pumpkin for a head.”

“Make sure that your students study properly and hone their skills in the Spellroom to compete in magical duels, and watch the sparks fly,” it added. The better students do in class, the stronger their magic becomes, and the player’s students will want strong magic as there are apparently ancient curses and nefarious enemies to be found.

Two Point Campus. Credit: Two Point Studios.
Two Point Campus. Credit: Two Point Studios.

Two Point Campus was delayed earlier this month, as the studio wanted to make sure it could “deliver the best possible game”. It releases on August 9 this year on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

NME also had the chance to preview Two Point Campus, and said: “The moving parts here are already ludicrously compelling and I’m keenly aware that my dismal fun rating will be fixed when a year of jaded students graduates and a new bundle of fresh faces arrive as lambs to the educational slaughter.”

In other news, the gender discrimination lawsuit against PlayStation has been dismissed due to lack of proof.

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