Riot Games has released an update for Valorant that includes changes to Deathmatch and CPU-bound performance.

Patch 4.03 is available now and includes changes to one of Valorant’s Agents: Brimstone. Primarily, Brimstone’s ultimate has been improved and his Orbital Strike calls down three large lasers from the sky that will now better deny information. According to the patch notes:

  • Brimstone’s ultimate now properly blocks gameplay visibility while active.
  • You’ll no longer see enemies on the minimap through the ultimate.
  • Abilities that require line of sight (flashes, Sova recon pulses) will no longer apply through the ultimate.

Valorant’s Deathmatch mode has also received some changes. Spawn locations have been updated to remove and relocate “dangerous” spawns, alongside other spawn point improvements that should ensure players appear farther from their death location. Respawn time has also been reduced from three seconds to one and a half seconds.

AFK detection in Valorant has also been improved. Riot gave no details of the changes to avoid players creating workarounds, but according to the patch notes, the goal is to “deter players from exploiting game modes to farm EXP.”

Riot Games previously announced that it would be making improvements to Valorant‘s AFK detection system, saying, “sharing both the process and results of our work to improve Valorant’s community is an outlook to which we are committed. It’s something that you’ve told us you want. It’s one of the reasons we wanted to write these articles in the first place.”

Valorant’s latest update also improves performance for users on CPU-bound PC’s. The changes should provide up to a 15 per cent increase in performance. Riot states that most of the userbase should see improvements from the change but how much will depend on specific PC set-ups.

In other news, Lost Ark players are review bombing the game on Steam as server locks prevent free-to-play players from joining their friends.

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