Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek

Arnold Schwarzenegger made an appearance as Zeus at the Super Bowl last night (February 13).

The actor teamed up with Salma Hayek for a comical BMW commercial, which you can watch below.

The clip sees Schwarzenegger and Hayek as Zeus and his wife Hera, sat on their throne talking about their plans to retire before the former is seen on a lilo in a swimming pool in Palm Springs.

But the Greek god’s retirement doesn’t go to plan as he finds himself getting frustrated by people asking him to help them out with his electrical powers.

It ends with the couple driving along singing Eddy Grant’s ‘Electric Avenue’.

The ad comes after a poster of Schwarzenegger as Zeus was teased at the end of last month.

A comedy teaser was later shared in which a barista has a difficult time pronouncing his name.

Schwarzenegger previously appeared in advertisements at the Super Bowl, including a commercial in 2014 for Bud Light and Mobile Strike in 2017.

He is set to star in Triplets, a sequel to 1988 comedy film Twins. Tracy Morgan will play the third brother alongside Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. He recently also recalled the time DeVito got him high on marijuana as part of a prank on the set of Junior.

Meanwhile, the actor is set to reprise his role of Conan the Barbarian in upcoming film The Legend Of Conan, which is described as a direct sequel of the original 1982 film.

He was recently one of the only celebrities, alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, to make an appearance at the Golden Globes 2022 ceremony amid controversy around the HFPA organisers.

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