Dayz. Credit: Bohemia Interactive.

Zombie survival game DayZ is getting a long-awaited sequel.

The multiplayer survival game was released for PC on December 13, 2018, and after heading to both Xbox One and PS4, it looks as though the popular zombie title is finally getting a follow-up.

The game has not yet been announced, with no word from developer Bohemia Interactive.

However, the upcoming DayZ sequel was revealed during the discovery process of the Federal Trade Commission’s ongoing court case to halt Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

An internal Xbox document submitted as evidence in the hearing between Microsoft and the FTC revealed the company’s acquisition strategy. On a slide discussing Bohemia Interactive, additional notes flat-out confirmed that DayZ 2 is in the works.

“Dev working on Arma Reforged, Arma 4, and DayZ 2,” it confirmed.

Although the two upcoming Arma games have already been announced, this is the first we’ve heard of Bohemia revisiting its popular DayZ game.

“While we are expanding our focus regarding the possibilities of the DayZ game, brand, and team itself, we can’t offer too many details at the moment,” a Bohemia Interactive spokesperson told IGN. “There are numerous projects Bohemia Interactive dev teams are currently exploring/working on, but they will be officially revealed when & only after we feel the time is right.”

DayZ originally began life as a mod for Arma 2 before eventually becoming an early-access game in its own right.

The upcoming sequel is just one of a number of revelations unearthed thanks to the ongoing FTC court case against Microsoft. It was also revealed that Microsoft considered acquiring Sega as well as Destiny 2 developer Bungie.

In other news, Halo fans have been invited to join in with the world’s biggest performance of the game’s iconic chant.

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