Footage of a Portal demake that runs on actual Nintendo 64 hardware has been shared online, and eager players can currently give it a go.

A video showcasing how the iconic Portal Gun works on the hardware was shared by James Lambert yesterday (May 15), with the latest version of the Portal Nintendo 64 demake also available here, although it is a rather basic version of the game (via GoNintendo).

According to Lambert “there’s still a lot of polish to be done around these portals,” but the footage below shows something incredibly similar to Valve’s 2007 classic.

The particle effect from when the Portal Gun fires, and the animation for when a portal expands to its oval shape after hitting the wall are missing at the moment, but “both of those, I think, will go a long way to sell the effect,” said Lambert.

There are also no sounds yet either, and Lambert says that whilst he would usually put sound effects in early on, he wanted to verify that the Nintendo 64 “could even do portals” before adding them in.

As proved by Lambert, this further shows that the Nintendo 64 can render the iconic effect, after a tech demo was revealed last year for the Nintendo 64’s flagship Zelda title Ocarina Of Time showing that portals were actually being experimented on in that game, although this never released as part of the final game. 

Lambert also shows that the Nintendo 64 can render recursive portals up to 14 levels deep, which means that many portals can be shown inside each other at any given time on the hardware.

“Things are picking up, I think the next update will feel much bigger,” added Lambert, who’s going to continue working on their Nintendo 64 demake for the foreseeable future.

In other news, Square Enix has updated the Kingdom Hearts Nintendo Switch collection to warn players when there’s server congestion.

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