Abermore is a first-person stealth RPG from the makers of 10 Second Ninja X and it’s looking rather special.

The game has you play a legendary thief who has just 18 days to plan a daring heist. Known as “The Unhanged Man”, a legendary Robin Hood-esque figure, the thief is quite the expert at what he does but there’s a twist. The game offers an “unique campaign” where each day brings new stories, challenges, and a few surprises too.

It’s not yet certain how different each run will be but it should still be an interesting mixture of elements rather than just pursuing the same story.

According to the game’s Steam page, it’s all in a quest to “prepare for the ultimate score: The Feast of the Lucky Few”. A YouTube trailer gives some insight into what it will look like.

Players will be able to explore the “neo-Edwardian” city of Abermore to get to know some of the quirky characters that reside there. Some characters may help players out too with each ragtag crew assembled helping make the final heist easier to pull off.

According to RockPaperShotgun, players will also be able to “seduce aristocrats, form alliances, craft new equipment, and trade goods for better loot”. Again, no word on if anything carries across between runs or not.

Abermore is due for release on PC on March 29, so there’s still plenty of time to learn more about it. So far, its use of time seems to be one of the more intriguing elements that hopefully we’ll find out more about soon.

In other news, runaway MMORPG success story, Lost Ark, will soon have “an entirely new region of servers in Europe”. That’s due to incredibly high demand for the game at launch.

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