Adele has shared her thoughts on Titan submersible, following the tragic loss of five people onboard visiting the wreckage of the Titanic last week.

The pop icon, currently doing her ‘Weekend With Adele’ residency, last week (Friday June 23), took a moment during a concert at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace to ask concert-goers if they’d visit the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean if given the opportunity.

In a fan-captured video on TikTok, the Grammy Award-winning singer said that the deadly implosion of OceanGate’s Titan vessel was “so sad and so tragic.”


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The Tottenham ‘Easy On Me’ singer then told the crowd that she had “been debating with [her] friends on our group chats” about whether they’d go on The Titan. “Everyone’s like, ‘I would never do that,’ but that’s a lie, [because] a lot of people would do that,” she said.

So, she asked the audience if, before the recent tragic events, they would have considered going to see the Titanic wreckage. Most of the crowd cheered in favour of not going to the bottom of the ocean. The 35-year-old followed with another question, asking the audience whether they’d be interested in flying to outer space.

Adele then shared her thoughts: “I wouldn’t do it either but only because I’m a bit of a pussy. I’m a scaredy cat of everything. I wouldn’t even go on rollercoasters, but also, I just genuinely don’t have an interest in the deep sea or space, so that’s why.”

She spoke about the submersible a day after (June 23) Coast Guard Rear Admiral John Mauger announced that the five passengers and crew are now presumed dead.

The Titan, a tourist submersible that takes customers to see the wreckage of Titanic, made headlines after it lost contact with its support ships. On June 19, the US and Canadian Coast Guards started their search for The Titan and, according to The Mirror, they had until 11am BST to find them before the vessel’s oxygen supply ran out.

British Billionaire Hamish Harding was one of the passengers onboard The Titan. His stepson, Brian Szasz, received criticism for going to a Blink-182 concert whilst the search was on for his stepfather. He responded by saying that “music helps me in difficult times” and that his “family would want [him] to be at the Blink-182 show.”

Cardi B chimed in and said that she’d want her family “to be crying for [her]”, adding: “You supposed to be right next to the phone waiting.” Szasz hit back, calling Cardi “trashy” and telling her “to get some class.”

Coincidentally, Adele is a super fan of the movie Titanic. In 2018, celebrated her 30th birthday with a Titanic-themed party.

In recent news, Sylvester Stallone revealed that keeping a Rocky-inspired statue was a dealbreaker for Adele to buy his home. Meanwhile, the BRIT Award winner was included on the Sunday Times Rich List, which names some of the richest Brits under 35.

Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles were also on the list.

Adele performs onstage during the ‘Weekends with Adele’ residency opening at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on November 18, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AD.

In April, Adele was a guest on the final episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden as the last-ever Carpool Karaoke guest of his. In the chat, Corden alluded to the effects of the online scrutiny he faces as The Late Late… host whilst talking about the emotional ’30’ album track ‘I Drink Wine’, which Adele said was inspired by a chat she had with him on holiday.

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