Simpsons Snowball

Adidas has launched a new shoe in collaboration with The Simpsons – check it out below.

It’s the second designed based on the beloved sitcom, after the brand launched a Ned Flanders-inspired sneaker earlier this year.

The new design of Adidas Superstars pays tribute to the Simpsons’ family cat Snowball 2, with the shoe taking the shape of Snowball’s head, with detailing nodding to his eyes, whiskers and tail.

Take a look at the new design here:

A release date hasn’t been set for the Adidas Snowball sneaker yet, keep your eyes peeled as an update comes in.

In other Simpsons news, a new piece of street art depicting Bart Simpson was spotted in Worcestshire earlier this month, believed to be by Banksy.

The mural was spotted shortly after Darrell Meekcom, a terminally ill man from Kidderminster, was arrested after mooning a speed camera.

The 55-year-old had been wrestled to the ground by six police officers after flashing the cameras and being arrested for indecent exposure.

After noticing the new mural in a subway in Kidderminster, Meekcom shared his admiration on Facebook, believing it to be the work of notorious street artist Banksy.

“It is fantastic. It is so well thought out… it is basically descriptive, it is clever,” Meekcom told the BBC, responding to the artwork.

New episodes of The Simpsons continue to air on Disney+, with a new storyline involving a gay romance with Waylon Smithers having aired last weekend (November 21).

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