Madmind Studio has announced that the explicit version of the game Agony will be returning to players’ libraries as free downloadable content (DLC).

Last month, the unrated version of dark fantasy horror game Agony disappeared from players’ libraries. Agony Unrated was the adult version of the game and was listed as a separate entry in Steam libraries and had its own store page. However, these all mysteriously disappeared last month.

Now, developer Madmind has announced in a Steam post that the game will be re-added to owners’ libraries as free DLC for Agony. (via PCGamer)

The post said, “Hi everyone, in a couple of days we plan on releasing a DLC version of Unrated which will allow Agony owners to download this adult-only expansion without payment.”

“As we’re still waiting for full confirmation from Steam’s side, I cannot share all the details, but once it’s up, we’ll release a full announcement.”

In the comments responding to the post, the developer added that as the DLC is separate from the game, some players may find both versions in their library. However, when launching the default version of Agony, the launcher will ask players if they would like to play the Unrated version.

It was also revealed that save files and achievements shared by both versions will be fully compatible with the DLC version.

Madmind previously explained why the games had been delisted, saying that games with themes like those in Agony often face difficulties on Steam due to their extreme and graphic content.

In other news, PlayStation appears to have halted the sale of Gran Turismo 7 in Russia. The game launches today but has been removed from the Russian PlayStation store. While no official statement has been made, this is likely in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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