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Former Crystal Castles singer Alice Glass has shared a music video for her new single ‘Fair Game’ from her upcoming debut album. Watch the video below.

The dark and rage-filled song, with lyrics like “You ruined everything for us/Everybody laughs behind your back“, is accompanied by a dramatic video, directed by Bryan M. Ferguson. In the glitchy clip, Glass gradually breaks free from a set of chains she is bound in.

“FAIR GAME is TRAUMA CORE,” she wrote on Twitter, adding, “Crystal Castles was. ALICE GLASS is.”

In a statement, Glass said of the song: “‘Fair Game’ is spoken from the perspective of the abuser. It’s a song made of actual phrases that were used in repetition to gaslight me, to intentionally keep me confused and weakened. In those moments I was completely convinced they represented undeniable facts. Looking back on these words now they seem flimsy and are so obviously hiding the feelings of someone else, someone who’s only power is in hurting others.

“I hope I can help anyone listening to my music recognise the red flags of toxic relationships before they evolve into something worse, something that becomes embedded so deep it can transform you.”

She added: “‘Fair Game’ was cathartic for me to make, but also very difficult. I wrote it years ago, but couldn’t even listen to it again until recently. Now I dance along and smile.” Watch the ‘Fair Game’ video below.

In November, Glass announced details of her forthcoming debut solo album, ‘PREY//IV’. It arrives on January 28 next year via her own label, Eating Glass Records and features the previously shared singles ‘Baby Teeth’ and ‘Suffer and Swallow’.

Speaking about ‘Baby Teeth’, Glass said: “I like to make songs that you can dance to when you’re sad. Baby Teeth is probably the darkest and most hopeless track on my record, but it sounds misleadingly hopeful.”

Glass released her solo debut EP ‘Alice Glass*’ in 2017, and followed it with a string of singles, including ‘Cease & Desist’ and ‘Mine’. A remixed version of the EP and the single ‘I Trusted You’ on an Adult Swim compilation were released in 2018.

Last August, she released the Jupiter-Keyes produced track ‘NIGHTMARES’ for a compilation by experimental label Sermon 3 Recordings, which marked Glass’s first new music in two years.

She departed Crystal Castles in 2014, later sharing that she’d been physically, sexually, and psychologically abused by her former bandmate, Ethan Kath. Kath denied the allegations and launched a defamation lawsuit, which was later dismissed.

Last year, Glass encouraged fans to stream her solo music, saying she was being “gutted” over royalty payments from music by her former band Crystal Castles.

“even though it was my life’s work, I DO NOT endorse crystal castles and neither should you. STREAM ALICE GLASS,” she tweeted.

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