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Alkaline Trio have shared a brand new single from their upcoming 10th album – listen to ‘Versions Of You’ below.

The trio will release new album ‘Blood, Hair and Eyeballs’, their first since 2018’s ‘Is This Thing Cursed?’, on January 26. ‘Versions Of You’ follows recent singles ‘Bad Time’ and the album’s title track.

Discussing the themes of the new song, bassist and vocalist Dan Andriano said: “It’s a song about sorting through the rubble of a broken friendship and realizing there’s just nothing there to try and rebuild… that maybe the whole thing was artificial and driven by self-serving motives.”

He added: “From the start there was something really exciting about this one, a raw energy we didn’t want to let go. I was playing guitar and showing a part to Cameron, Matt grabbed a bass and created this killer disjointed groove under what became the verse.

“It felt raw and ferocious, and we knew that’s what we had to capture, so that’s how we did it when the red light came on.”

In an interview with NME in 2021, Skiba stated that he had been working on Alkaline Trio music that took sonic cues from The Strokes. “There’s a lot of really cool stuff on that latest record (The Strokes’ ‘The New Abnormal’) and when I’m just tinkering around the guitar, I catch myself referencing it,” he said. “There’s some mid-tempo songs that may or may not be on the new Trio record that were definitely inspired by The Strokes.”

‘Blood, Hair and Eyeballs’ also marks Matt Skiba’s first album with Alkaline trio since leaving Blink-182, following Tom DeLonge’s return to the famed pop-punk trio.

Upon the news breaking, Skiba commented that DeLonge’s return made him “truly happy”, though recently shared one of his biggest regrets from his time in the band.

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