New World Launches

Amazon Game Studios‘ MMO New World has been a hit at launch, immediately rocketing up Steam’s most-played lists.

According to SteamDB, at time of writing New World has 599,267 concurrent players (up from 512k during the course of writing this article). The game officially launched today, September 28, following a series of successful beta tests.

In a July 2021 beta, the game recorded a concurrent player stat of 200,000, making it the sixth-most popular game on Steam – an impressive feat for an unreleased game. Its current numbers for the full game’s release put it second to only Counter Strike: Global Offensive in popularity.

SteamDB also records impressive numbers for New World’s performance on Twitch, with 658k viewers current watching streams of the game – a number that seems set to rise.

The response will be well received by Amazon, whose ambitions within the gaming industry seemed questionable after it previously shut down multiplayer hero shooter Crucible after just six months. Another game, Breakaway – announced alongside New World in 2016 – was also killed by the publisher before it ever saw release.

However, the game’s launch hasn’t been flawless. Some players have encountered long waits to log into the game, alongside some server issues. One player complained on Twitter that they had been waiting six hours to get into the game, and still had over 1000 people ahead of them. The player added “I’d have better luck finding a petrol station that still has fuel” – a problem in the UK at present, due to lorry driver shortages as a result of Brexit and COVID – and referred to the game as a “queue simulator”.

The login problems have at least been noted by the developer and addressed on the game’s official Twitter feed. The account says the studio is “working hard to get them addressed”.

Elsewhere in the realms of online gaming, Final Fantasy XIV had to go offline for eight hours to fix recent server issues, while Genshin Impact is having an anniversary event – here’s everything you need to know to take part.

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