Among The Trolls

Indie studio Forbidden Studios, founded by industry veterans who worked on Bethesda titles such as Skyrim and Fallout 4, has revealed Among The Trolls, a first-person survival game rooted in Finnish folklore.

Announced during 505 GamesSpring showcase, the game features a Finnish-American thirty-something visiting their estranged family in rural Finland following the death of their parents. Upon arrival, they discover that their grandparents have disappeared from their cabin and are pulled into a world of myth and magic (via PCGamesN.)

Among The Trolls looks set to contain all the gathering, building and crafting expected in the survival genre, but with its portrayal of “ancient shamanistic magic” providing a unique twist.

The player can’t simply take the resources they need from the forest. Instead they must make sacrifices to the mythical creatures that dwell within. Failing to do so will anger them, causing the sky to darken and malicious spirits to attack. Only by crafting offerings and presenting them at “cupstone” altars can the spirits be placated.

The forest’s denizens can help the player as well as harm them. As well as crafting the usual tools and weapons, players will be able to fashion magical beings called familiars that can provide aid.

Among The Trolls
Among The Trolls. Credit: Forbidden Studios

Among The Trolls isn’t just open-ended survival either, with the protagonist discovering more about their family’s history as they investigate their grandparent’s disappearance.

Multiplayer will be included, with collaborative construction allowing players to work together to build the cabin of their dreams. The seamless forest environments are being built in Unity, with the intention of pushing the boundaries of what the engine can achieve.

Among The Trolls doesn’t have a firm release date yet, but is set to go into early access on Steam in 2022.

In other news, Dying Light 2 studio hiring for an “open-world action-RPG” fantasy title.

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