And Just Like That creator Michael Patrick King has opened up about the bombshell death in the show.

The writer and showrunner of the Sex And The City revival recently opened up to Entertainment Weekly about the decision to kill off a major character in the new episodes.

Commenting on the decision to kill off Chris Noth’s character Mr. Big, King said the idea came to him before starting to brainstorm the show.

“I wouldn’t have come back if I didn’t have a really strong impulse [to explore the idea of] ‘is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?’ for the character who has done nothing but tried to find love from this one person,” he said.

“I also felt comfortable because the DNA is the same. People forget, Carrie never had Big in the series. She had him briefly – a minute or two. And she doesn’t have Big now. It’s just a different circumstance. It’s more final.”

And Just Like That
Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) is back. CREDIT: Sky

He added: People are like, ‘How could you have done this?’ The last voiceover in the series is why I did it. Everybody thinks when she’s walking down the street and Big says ‘I’m coming, baby’ that that’s the happy ending. And it is.

“But what Carrie’s really saying in the voiceover is that the most significant, challenging, loving relationship you will ever have is the one you make with yourself. And if you find somebody else who sees you, that’s fabulous. So this [show] is about the significant, challenging, loving relationship – we’re trying to prove the thesis and the theory that you’re enough.”

In a three-star review of And Just Like That, NME wrote: “The shockwaves allow episode two to settle into a more subdued groove where each of the central trio can finally behave like the characters fans know and love.”

The show’s first two episodes are available to stream on HBO Max in the US and NOW TV in the UK.

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