Respawn Entertainment’s latest update to Apex Legends is out now. At release, a bug briefly allowed teams of five into the three-person battle royale.

The Genesis Collection event for Apex Legends brings a new rewards track, premium cosmetics, and a return to the original Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge. It also brought an unexpected team size increase which Respawn quickly fixed.

Players jumping into the event found they were being matched into teams of five players, despite queuing for the usual trio’s mode. This was caused by a server misconfiguration.

A member of Respawn’s team posted details of the problem on Reddit, adding, “Not going to lie, that looks super fun for a game or two.” This gave players hope that Respawn would use the idea for a limited-time mode. However, a later post said, “Hearing about the feedback doesn’t mean a promise to make this happen.”

Also included in the Genesis Collection update is a limited-time return to the original Kings Canyon map from Apex’s launch. Apex will rotate the map every hour with World’s Edge from season 3.

“Hot drop in Kings Canyon at Skull Town (we know you will) and Thunderdome! Grab that sweet loot on the moving train as it barrels through a pristine Capital City in the era before the Harvester landed in World’s Edge.” The patch notes say. “Show your new Apex friends the terror of rotating through Bridges or the epic multi-team throwdowns in Fuel Depot. It’s all coming back now, isn’t it?”

The Genesis Collection also includes an heirloom item for Revenant, a unique melee weapon for those dedicated enough to buy all the event packs. Revenant’s new melee weapon is a huge scythe that snaps open viciously.

Respawn has recently outlined new plans to stop Apex Legends cheaters stating that they are “pursuing several options”.

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