A comic strip style panel of shelter anager showing inhabitants with colourful clothes cowering

Shelter Manager, an apocalyptic bunker survival game developed and published by Hamsters Gaming, is launching into early access today on Steam. To entice people to try and survive the end of the world, the game currently has a ten per cent discount,

Shelter Manager features a Fallout Shelterstyle bunker layout — view your shelter side on and manage the residents’ sleep schedules, food rations, electricity usage, and ensuring they stay safe and healthy. At the same time, you also keep up with repairing and reinforcing your only bastion of survival.

You can expand your shelter to unlock more rooms and get more space for inhabitants. Eventually, your shelter will be so large that it becomes its own subterranean civilisation. There are ten special rooms to unlock, each with unique features and multiple types of weapons and soldiers to command.

Shelter Manager features an entire story-driven campaign designed to introduce you to the game’s various systems while keeping you immersed in the end of days. There’s also a sandbox mode where you can pick your apocalypse scenario and shelter region. Take your pick between a nuclear winter, global pandemic, or meteor strike in the USA, Europe, or Asia.

The game is in early access, meaning it isn’t finished yet, so there may be bugs and other unfinished or unpolished elements, but the Steam reviews are mostly positive so far.

The underground apocalypse simulator departs from Hamsters Gaming’s other projects, which have primarily focused on World War Two era strategy games or economic managers. Shelter Manager cherry-picks the mechanics the developer is best with, combining resource management and military strategy elements.

In other news, New World players have already turned into gold hustling scam artists. The new MMO from Amazon Game Studios ironically allows in-game companies and guilds to tax players, and some leaders have been emptying the coiffeurs and making off with the loot.

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