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Art Brut have announced details of new ‘best of’ compilations, set for release this summer, as well as an upcoming UK and European tour. Find the details below.

Announced today (April 24), the new releases from the Perennial pop enthusiasts are due  to arrive on July 4 via Demon Records and Edsel, and will see them share two compilations of their greatest hits.

The first of which comes in the form of a double LP titled ‘A Record Collection, Reduced To A Mixtape’. In it, tracks are taken from their seminal albums ‘Bang Bang Rock And Roll’, ‘It’s A Bit Complicated’, ‘Art Brut vs Satan’, and ‘Brilliant! Tragic!’, alongside rare live and alternate takes, all compiled by the members.

As per a press release, the double LP set serves as “the first comprehensive career retrospective from Art Brut since the Top of the Pops album in 2014, and brings together the best and most well‑known tracks from their catalogue”. It will be pressed on 140g marine green vinyl and limited to 500 copies. A liner note written by frontman Eddie Argos will also be featured, as well as a hand-signed print.

The second of the upcoming compilation arrives as a five-CD box set called ‘And Yes, This Is My Singing Voice!’. It is described as a “comprehensive compilation of the South London art-rockers’ career, spanning their early discography, demo takes, alternative mixes and live recordings between 2003 – 2008″.

As well as their first two albums – ‘Bang Bang Rock and Roll’ and ‘It’s A Bit Complicated’ – the release also includes unreleased live material ‘Art Brut – Live in Paris 2006’, ‘Art Brut Live From ULU With Horns’, a 24-page zine, 2,000-word liner note from Argos, exclusive photography of the band and a signed print of an original Art Brut artwork, painted by the singer.

Check out the tracklistings for both the vinyl and CD editions below.

'A Record Collection, Reduced To A Mixtape' LP
‘A Record Collection, Reduced To A Mixtape’ LP. CREDIT: Press

The ‘A Record Collection, Reduced To A Mixtape’ tracklist is:

Side A
1. ‘Formed a Band’
2. ‘My Little Brother’
3. ‘Emily Kane’
4. ‘Good Weekend’
5. ‘Pump Up The Volume’
6. ‘Nag Nag Nag’

Side B
1. ‘St Pauli’
2. ‘Alcoholics Unanimous’
3. ‘DC Comics & Chocolate Milkshake’
4. ‘Summer Job’
5. ‘Unprofessional Wrestling’
6. ‘Axl Rose’

Side C
1. ‘Lost Weekend’
2. ‘Hooray!’
3. ‘She Kissed Me (And It Felt Like A Hit)’
4. ‘I Hope You’re Very Happy Together’
5. ‘Modern Art Berlin Live’

Side D
1. ‘Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!’
2. ‘Arizona Bay’
3. ‘Just Deserts’
4. ‘We Make Pop Music’ (Berlin Live)
5. ‘Post Soothing Out’ (Berlin Live)

'And Yes, This Is My Singing Voice!' CDs
‘And Yes, This Is My Singing Voice!’ CDs. CREDIT: Press

The ‘And Yes, This Is My Singing Voice!’ tracklist is:

CD1 – ‘Bang Bang Rock and Roll’ 
‘Formed A Band’ (2:59)
‘My Little Brother’ (3:39)
‘Emily Kane’ (3:14)
‘Rusted Guns Of Milan’ (4:26)
‘Modern Art’ (2:23)
‘Good Weekend’ (2:52)
‘Bang Bang Rock & Roll’ (4:26)
‘Fight!’ (2:37)
‘Moving To L.A.’ (5:45)
‘Bad Weekend’ (2:43)
‘18,000 Lira’ (1:13)
‘Subliminal Desire For Adventure’ (3:28)

CD2 – ‘It’s A Bit Complicated’ 
‘Pump Up The Volume’ (2:50)
‘Direct Hit’ (3:29)
‘St. Pauli’ (2:52)
‘People In Love’ (2:57)
‘Late Sunday Evening’ (3:05)
‘I Will Survive’ (3:24)
‘Post Soothing Out’ (3:09)
‘Blame It On The Trains’ (2:56)
‘Soundtrack Of The Summer’ (2:43)
‘Nag Nag Nag Nag’ (3:04)
‘Jealous Guy’ (3:06)

CD3 – ‘Bang Bang Rock and Roll;, Bootlegs and B-Sides + ‘Live From ULU w/ Horns’ 
‘Formed a Band’ (Brutleg/Single Version) (2:56)
‘Bad Weekend’ (Brutleg/Single Version) (2:47)
‘Modern Art’ (Brutleg / Single Version) (2:24)
‘My Little Brother’ (Brutleg / Single Version) (2:22)
‘Good Weekend’ (Brutleg) (1.57)
‘18,000 Lira’ (Brutleg)
‘Bang Bang Rock and Roll’ (Brutleg) 2:10
‘Moving to LA’ (Brutleg) (3.44)
‘Moving to LA Acoustic’ (Brutleg) (3:29)
‘These Animal Menswe@r’ (2:06)
‘It’s About Time’ (3:10)
‘Maternity Ward’ (3:18)
‘Really Bad Weekend’ (3:48)
‘Every Other Weekend’ (2:00)
‘Home Altars of Mexico (2:41)
‘Top Of The Pops! Art Brut’ (and Friends) (1:32)
‘Don’t Blame It On the Trains’ (3:40)
‘Enrique Gatti’ (Subliminal Desire For Adventure) (Brutleg)
‘Pump Up The Volume’ – With Horns (4:18)
‘Moving To LA’ – With Horns (5:10)
‘Late Sunday Evening’ – With Horns (3:17)
‘Emily Kane’ – With Horns (3:05)
‘Post Soothing Out’ – With Horns (4:47)
‘Direct Hit’ – With Horns (3:31)
‘Good Weekend’ – With Horns (8:16)

CD4 – ‘It’s A Bit Complicated’ (Bootlegs & B-Sides) 
‘I Found This Song In The Road’ (2:41)
‘Our Parents Record Collection’ (3:39)
‘Wasted Week-End’ (3:16)
‘I Want To Be Double A-Sided’ (2:33)
‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ (2:16)
‘Direct Hit’ (Alternate Vesrion) (3:30)
‘Direct Hit’ (Duet With Hank Starrs From Animals That Swim) (3:30)
‘Late Sunday Evening’ (Alternate Version)
‘Blame It On The Trains’ (Russell Senior Version) (2:45)
‘Post Soothing Out’ (Russell Senior Version) (3:11)
‘St Pauli’ (Russell Senior Version) (2:43)
‘Bad Weekend’ (Live Eurokéennes Festival 06) (2:08)
‘Formed A Band’ (Live Eurokéennes Festival 06) (3:01)
‘Emily Kane’ (Live Eurokéennes Festival 06) (3:16)
‘These Animal Menswe@r’ (Live Eurokéennes Festival 06)

CD5 – ‘Live in Paris 06/02/2006’
‘Formed A Band’ (4:06)
‘My Little Brother’ (3:47)
‘These Animal Menswe@r’ (2:20)
‘Bang Bang Rock and Roll’ (2:11)
‘Blame It On The Trains’
‘Moving To LA’ (4:12)
‘Rusted Guns of Milan’ (4:10)
‘Modern Art’ (3:43)
‘St Pauli’ (3:15)
‘Post Soothing Out’ (3:42)
‘Emily Kane’ (3:04)
‘Bad Weekend’ (3:58)
‘Stand Down’ (3:09)
‘18,000 Lira’ (1:49)
‘Good Weekend’ (5:41)

As well as releasing the compilations this summer, Art Brut are also set to embark on a series of UK and European tour dates throughout the latter half of the year.

The gigs kick off with a slot at Voodoo in Edinburgh on September 5, and continue with slots in Newcastle, Mainz, Schornforf, Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden and Köln across the month.

The tour then continues at the end of October, when the band return to the UK for gigs at Birmingham’s C&F, London’s Brixton Electric, Brighton’s Concorde 2 and Where Else in Margate.

Tickets are on sale this Friday (April 26) and will be available here. See below for listings.

Art Brut’s 2024 live dates are:

05 – Edinburgh – Voodoo 
06 – Newcastle – The Grove 
25 – Mainz – Schon Schön 
26 – Schorndorf – Manufaktur 
27 – Berlin – Lido 
28 – Hamburg – Molotow 
29 – Dresden – Beatpol 
30 – Köln – Gebäude 9  

25 – Birmingham – C&F
26 – London – Brixton Electric
27 –Brighton – Concorde 2 
28 – Margate – Where Else  

The announcement of the new shows comes after Art Brut performed their 2005 debut album ‘Bang Bang Rock & Roll’ in full at a special show in London in 2022, as well as some fan favourites.

During an interview with NME’s series Does Rock n’ Roll Kill Braincells?! in 2021, Eddie Argos recalled the time that We Are Scientists covered the ‘Bang Bang Rock & Roll’ title track “in the style of The Velvet Underground”.

“We toured with them around America in 2006 and we were going to do a split seven-inch so they covered ‘Bang Bang Rock & Roll’ and we covered [We Are Scientists’] ‘The Great Escape’,” Argos remembered.

“We thought it would be funny to go into a note-for-note rendition of Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s ‘Free Bird’ but we couldn’t get the publishing clearance for a decade.”

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