Aubrey Plaza has revealed that she and her White Lotus co-star Meghann Fahy did mushrooms and got lost in Sicily, where they were filming the second season of Mike White’s comedy-drama.

During an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Fahy shared her recollection of events, explaining that they “got so lost” that they ended up walking down the side of the highway”.

Fahy said they then ran into a “biker gang” who heckled them, prompting Plaza to yell back: “Don’t look at me!”

“It was a very Daphne/Harper moment,” Fahy explained, referring to their respective White Lotus characters (Fahy’s superficial Daphne, and Plaza’s world-weary Harper).

However, on a more recent appearance on Meyer’s show, Plaza said that Fahy “left out the most important part” of the story, “which was that we were on mushrooms”.

“So first of all – and I don’t know if maybe her parents don’t like…” Plaza began, before Meyers interjected to note that Fahy’s parents were actually in the audience that night.

“Oh no, sorry, Meghann!” said Plaza, before clarifying that they only took “a little one [mushroom].”

The White Lotus season 2
Aubrey Plaza as Harper Spiller, Will Sharpe as Ethan, Theo James as Cameron, and Meghann Fahy as Daphne Babcock in ‘The White Lotus’ season two. CREDIT: Fabio Lovino/Sky

The actress then excused her “rude” response to the Italian biker, saying: “I was tripping. It was terrifying!”

“We were lost on a highway, and there were Italian men going ‘Vroom, vroom’ and I thought they were taking me to the dark side,” Plaza added.

Laughing, Meyers replied: “She [Fahy] told a story that made you seem rude to Italian motorists. She left out some massive context.”

Plaza added: “I was tripping balls, bitch!”

A third season of The White Lotus was confirmed by HBO back in November. The network is yet to reveal an official release date, but it’s expected to arrive some time next year. Plot and casting details are currently being kept under wraps.

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