In 1990 five blokes from Newcastle called THE SCREAMING JETS took the Australian music scene by the scruff of the neck and gave a red hot shake. Before they had even signed their first record deal with rooArt Records, THE SCREAMING JETS had already clocked up more than 200 live shows, won the "Triple J Battle Of The Bands" competition and established themselves as an onstage, no-holds-barred, powerhouse of Aussie rock and roll. At the time the hard rock music bible Kerrang! described frontman Dave Gleeson as "a tattooed madman, hell on heels, he leaps around the stage like an epileptic in a minefield: a real horror show cross between Alex from 'Clockwork Orange' and, in part, Mike Patton. Between songs his patter is a hilarious cocktail of equal parts vitriol and obscenity." In 1991 they released their debut album "All For One", which peaked at No. 2 on the ARIA charts. The second single from the album, "Better", was the song that introduced the band to the world, and saw THE SCREAMING JETS embark on their first world tour — to Europe, USA and Canada. "For a bloke from Cardiff, who'd spent a few years touring round Australia, to find himself on the other side of the world sharing the stage with the likes of SOUNDGARDEN, PEARL JAM, INXS, and yes, even a band room with SPINAL TAP was something beyond my wildest imagination" says Gleeson. Flash forward to 2021 and as a 30th year anniversary celebration, and a tip of the hat to where it all began, the current lineup has re-recorded the "All For One" album with a fresh new take for an August 13 release. Overseen by original producer Steve James, the album has been repackaged with new artwork with a clear reference to the original. Gleeson says of the recording process: "The plan was always to re-record the album for this milestone. We just didn't realize we'd be recording under these circumstances. One of the things that we've always loved about the recording studio is that it's a bunch of blokes, locked away in our own world creating and mucking on. Obviously that option wasn't open to us due to COVID, so we had to do it like the kids do. Our producer Steve James pulled it all together and because we weren't messing around with arrangements it all went down very quickly and painlessly." The relentless touring that followed the initial album release saw THE JETS tour with iconic bands like THE ANGELS, THE CHOIRBOYS and DIVINYLS as well as headlining their own tours, and building a die-hard live fan base across Australia and the world. Fast forward 30 years and THE JETS are ready to celebrate the anniversary of the album that started it all with a national tour. The band will perform "All For One" in its entirety from start to finish for the very first time. "It's nice to revisit some of those songs," says Gleeson. "A bunch of them we still play live to this day, but during the re-recording of some of the songs we haven't done for a, the memories just come flooding back and hopefully it'll be the same for our loyal fans. This tour may even bring people out who haven't seen us for a while. Maybe there will be people there to judge whether we are the same as 30 years ago. Maybe they'll think we are better. We haven't toured together for 18 months — so it'll be like a rebirth...which could get messy!" "All For One" track listing: 01. C'Mon 02. No Point 03. Better 04. Needle 05. Shine On 06. Starting Out 07. Stop The World 08. Blue Sashes 09. Sister Tease 10. F.R.C. 11. Got It 12. The Only One THE SCREAMING JETS are: Dave Gleeson (vocals), Paul Woseen (bass), Jimi Hocking (guitar), Scott Kingman (guitar) and Cameron McGlinchey (drums).

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