b.a.p new music comeback seven years

K-pop boyband B.A.P have announced their reunion and return to music in a brand-new documentary teaser, following a seven-year hiatus.

On June 12, B.A.P dropped a surprise teaser for a documentary titled ‘Man on the Moon’. It stars four members of the K-pop boyband – Bang Yong-guk, Moon Jong-up, Jung Dae-hyun and Yoo Young-jae – with the exception of Zelo, who is currently serving his mandatory military service.

During the teaser, the quartet announce plans for the boyband to reunite and release new music, following a seven-year hiatus. “To all the fans who’ve been waiting, we’re finally together,” they say in the teaser.

“As much as you’ve supported us all this time, we’ll show you how much we’ve grown musically. We hope you’re looking forward to it. We’ll see you soon,” the boyband add. It is also unclear if Zelo will be involved in the band’s comeback in any capacity as of writing.

B.A.P’s last release was their eighth single album ‘Ego’, which was released in December 2017. The following year, members Yong-guk and Zelo left long-time label TS Entertainment following the expiration of their contracts. The remaining members would follow suit the year after.

The band first made their debut in 2013 to massive international popularity. However, in November 2014, it was reported that the band filed a lawsuit against TS Entertainment in an attempt to terminate their contracts, claiming unfair working conditions and profit distribution.

A settlement between B.A.P and TS Entertainment was later reached in August 2015, after which they continued releasing music as a group under the label for the next two years before going on an indefinite hiatus after ‘Ego’ released. All four members in the documentary teaser are now signed under MA Entertainment.

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