Baby Reindeer

Viewers of new hit Netflix series Baby Reindeer have been reacting to a hidden reference to another show.

The series follows a struggling comic named Donny (played by Richard Gadd) who is being stalked by a woman called Martha (played by Jessica Gunning).

The harassment appears to take place over four and a half years, involving a series of invasive behaviour from Martha to Donny, including following him home, turning up to his workplace and sending him multiple emails a day.

One scene in the seven-episode series shows Donny’s inbox, filled with emails from his stalker, using an email address consisting of a series of random numbers.

The Independent’s Chief Culture Reporter and co-host of The Lost Boys podcast noticed that the numbers are not as random as it first seems.

Stolworthy posted on X: “The ‘random series of numbers like spam’ used in the stalker’s email address are, in fact, the cursed numbers from Lost”.

The numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42, appear consistently throughout Lost, the six-season series which will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in September.

Following survivors of a plane crash who find themselves on a mysterious island, Lost refers to those specific numbers throughout the show, typically featured in background shots of flashback sequences.

Users on X have been responding to Stolworthy’s observation, with several calling it a “brilliant spot”.

Another user reposted Stolworthy’s tweet, which showed the number series’ appearances in each show side by side, writing: “2024 and we still getting Lost Easter eggs. We love to see it!”

Elsewhere, the soundtrack to Baby Reindeer features a host of classic rock and pop songs, with music from Dusty Springfield, George Harrison and Peggy Lee. Check out the full soundtrack here.

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