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Turtle Rock Studios has released a trailer for Tunnels of Terror, an upcoming Back 4 Blood expansion that will add new enemies, weapons, and more.

The launch trailer for Tunnels of Terror debuted yesterday (April 7), and Turtle Rock Studios has confirmed that the expansion will launch on April 12.

Tunnels of Terror features the all-new PvE areas Ridden Hives, along with two new playable Cleaners, seven new Legendary Weapons, 12 weapon skins, new cards, eight premium skins, and the fearsome Warped Ridden to discover below the depths of Evansburgh,” reads the trailer’s description.

The gory video provides a look at a group of players fighting through the Ridden Hives, which is teased to be filled with high-tier loot.

The loot won’t be easy to find however, as the Ridden Hives will be home to several new enemies – the Urchin, Shredder, and Ripper.

The new weapons added with Tunnels of Terror include an explosive weapon called Damnation, a two-handed hammer that requires reloading, and an un-named gun that appears to fire lasers.

Back 4 Blood screenshot
Back 4 Blood. Credit: Turtle Rock

The Tunnels of Terror trailer also detailed Heng and Sharice, two new playable characters that will be added with the expansion. Ex-firefighter Sharice will be able to buff armour plates with trauma resistance and team health, while Heng – a chef – will be able to sense nearby Ridden Hive entrances, see gear through walls, and allow teammates to re-use accessories.

Similar to how downloadable content in Left 4 Dead works, only one player in a party needs to have access to Tunnels of Terror for the group to play the content.

Turtle Rock has shared that alongside Tunnels of Terror, a free Back 4 Blood update will add a “No Hope” difficulty, which will add “an extra level of challenge for elite players.”

In other news, Dark Souls fans are concerned that multiplayer servers for PC will not be returning, after a change to the trilogy’s Steam pages.

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