Banksy artwork in Ukraine

Banksy has shared a moving behind-the-scenes video documenting the creation of his recent artworks in Horenka, Ukraine – watch below.

The anonymous Bristolian artist last week confirmed that he was behind seven new pieces that have recently appeared across the war-torn country. One location was Borodianka, a town north-west of capital city Kyiv.

Works have also been spotted in Kyiv itself, as well as its suburb of Irpin.

One of them depicted two children using a metal tank trap as a seesaw, and another featured a woman in hair curlers and a gas mask holding a fire extinguisher. Per HypeArt, a third piece included a Vladimir Putin lookalike being thrown to the floor in a judo match with a child.

Taking to Instagram yesterday (November 17), Banksy posted a one-and-a-half-minute clip that sees him at work in Horenka – a small village on the northwest outskirts of Kyiv – this month.

Soundtracked by a Ukrainian folk song, the video intersperses footage of the mystery artist spray painting and stencilling with shots of the finished works on various damaged buildings.

Additionally, the clip includes a brief interview with an unidentified mother in front of a destroyed school.

“It was a bomb here, and many people died,” she explains before comforting her child, who’d attended the school. “Don’t be sad, honey,” she adds. “We have already cried so much, we have no tears left.”

You can watch the full video above.

Horenka faced particularly violent attacks at the hands of Russia earlier this year. Borodianka was also hit hard by bombardments in the earliest days of the conflict, which began in February. The latter town was liberated from Russian occupation back in April.

Earlier this year, Banksy was made an honorary professor at the University for the Creative Arts in recognition of “his humanitarian efforts and the impact he has had on the global arts scene”.

However, he did not attend the ceremony to receive the honour in order to preserve his anonymity.

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