Billie Eilish has admitted that she “overreacted” to being “outed” by Variety last year.

The ‘Ocean Eyes’ singer made headlines at the end of 2023 when she told Variety in a cover story that she was “attracted to [women] for real”.

She later confirmed her sexuality in a further conversation for the publication’s Hitmakers event, where she received the Film Song Of The Year Award. On the red carpet, the singer admitted that she “didn’t” mean to come out with the past interview, adding: “I kinda thought, wasn’t it obvious?”

“It’s exciting to me because I guess people didn’t know, so it’s cool that they know,” the singer continued. “But ooh, I’m nervous talking about it.”

However, following the red carpet event, the artist took to social media to lash out at the outlet for “outing” her.

“Thanks Variety for my award and for also outing me on a red carpet at 11 am instead of talking about anything else that matters,” she commented on the video of the interview on Instagram. “I like boys and girls leave me alone about it please literally who cares stream ‘what was i made for’.”

It was also revealed the singer had lost Instagram followers since having her sexuality revealed. According to social media statistic platform Social Blade, Eilish lost 100,000 followers since November 13, when her Variety cover story came out.

Billie Eilish performs at Coachella on Saturday, April 13, 2024.
Billie Eilish performs at Coachella on Saturday, April 13, 2024. (Christina House / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Now, during a new interview with Rolling Stone, the 22-year-old revealed that in hindsight, she thinks she “overreacted” to the incident.

“Who fucking cares?” she said. “The whole world suddenly decided who I was, and I didn’t get to say anything or control any of it. Nobody should be pressured into being one thing or the other, and I think that there’s a lot of wanting labels all over the place.”

She continued: “I’ve known people that don’t know their sexuality, or feel comfortable with it, until they’re in their 40s, 50s, 60s. It takes a while to find yourself, and I think it’s really unfair, the way that the internet bullies you into talking about who you are and what you are.”

She went on to reference her quotes on the red carpet, adding: “What I said was funny, because I really was just saying what they’ve all been saying.

“I know everybody’s been thinking this about me for years and years, but I’m only figuring out myself now.”

In the previous cover story with Variety, Eilish spoke about her hit song ‘What Was I Made For’, written for the Barbie movie soundtrack, and her relationship with women in general. “I have deep connections with women in my life, the friends in my life, the family in my life. I’m physically attracted to them. But I’m also so intimidated by them and their beauty and their presence,” she said.

She also spoke about the early sexualisation of her body, including how she donned her trademark baggy clothing as a teenager to avoid comments about her body, which she says only led to more speculation about her physique.

She said: “I have big boobs. I’ve had big boobs since I was nine years old, and that’s just the way I am. That’s how I look. You wear something that’s at all revealing, and everyone’s like, ‘Oh, but you didn’t want people to sexualize you?’”

The topic arose in the recent Rolling Stone interview too, and Eilish explained how one of her new songs, ‘Lunch’ – taken from upcoming record ‘Hit Me Hard and Soft’ – helped her come to terms with her sexuality.

“I wrote some of it before even doing anything with a girl, and then wrote the rest after. I’ve been in love with girls for my whole life, but I just didn’t understand – until, last year, I realised I wanted my face in a vagina,” she said. “That song was actually part of what helped me become who I am, to be real.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the singer explained why she isn’t sharing any singles from her new album ahead of its release, opened up about her body dysmorphia, and shared the advice that she was given by John Mayer at the start of her career.

Her new album, ‘Hit Me Hard And Soft’ is due to arrive on May 17, and following her comments about the lack of sustainability in the vinyl world, Eilish has confirmed that the physical copies of the LP will be made using 100 per cent recyclable materials. See the album’s full tracklist here and visit here to pre-order.

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