After rumours circulated that Ubisoft is currently making a Marvel superhero game based on Blade, the studio has formally denied that it’s developing the title.

Earlier today (August 22) the verified Ubisoft Twitter account posted that it was in fact not making a game based on the Marvel comics vampire hunter, when it wrote: “Sorry to slice up the rumours, we’re not making a Blade game.

“But we can’t wait to see what our friends at Marvel Studios are cooking up for next year’s movie!”

Ubisoft’s denial follows multiple posts from two actors over on Instagram, with both initially seeming to be pointing towards some sort of Blade video game project.

One post came from Detroit: Become Human actor Edwin Gaffney – who played Ben Collins in the game – wearing motion capture equipment on a green screen set. The actor used hashtags related to Ubisoft, games, and acting, with one image showing him and his co-star Alex Martin with swords.

The second image shows the two actors with a clapperboard that clearly has “Marvel” and “B. Tariq” on it, which some thought referenced the director of next year’s Blade film, Bassam Tariq.

Martin also shared the same images on their own Instagram as well, with questions then being raised about exactly what the project is.

Whilst the superhero Blade is known for using a sword to kill vampires, there’s little else connecting the two actors and Ubisoft to this potential project. Blade is still set to appear in a video game in the near future however, as the character will be a part of the roster in strategy game Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which was recently delayed into 2023.

The Blade film adaptation will release on November 3 2023, with Mahershala Ali taking on the titular role with Bassam Tariq set to direct.

In other news, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has changed his metaverse avatar after it was relentlessly mocked by the internet last week.

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