Bloodborne demake Father Gascoigne

Fans of the Bloodborne PS1-style ‘demake’ can now watch almost all progress made so far, with a new set of videos posted to Twitter.

Lilith Walther, creator of Bloodborne PSX, has shared two videos showcasing “8+ months of focused work, condensed down into 4 minutes”.

In the (very sped-up) set of videos, fans can watch a Bloodborne playthrough that follows the player from character creation to a gory battle with Father Gascoigne. While the video skips over some “unfinished levels”, the overall video is condensed from “a 54 minute capture” where Walther is trying to get through each area as fast as possible.

In a follow up tweet, Walther notes that experienced Bloodborne hunters will find that the overall playtime for the final game “will be double that on a casual play through”.

Back in July, Walther shared a closer look at the demake’s fight with Father Gascoigne, stating at the time “we’re getting closer and closer to a finished game”.

Bloodborne PSX has been in the works since 2017, and is more than just a graphical overhaul – gameplay changes and a nostalgic soundtrack mean that Bloodborne PSX should hopefully play just like a PS1 game when it releases. Speaking to GamesRadar, Walther explained that “it’s a tough balancing act to change designs to feel retro, while also staying true to the PS4 original”.

While there’s not yet a release date for Bloodborne PSX, Walther has confirmed that she is “definitely going to release it” when it’s ready.

Earlier in the month, another Bloodborne mod was announced and will allow players to experience the FromSoftware game entirely in first person “very soon”.

In other news, Hades is already the highest-rated game on next-gen consoles.

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