Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre

Brian Jonestown Massacre have thanked Portland Police for their “excellent detective work” after nearly £40,000 worth of stolen gear was recovered.

The theft was first reported on April 18, with the incident alleged to have happened the night before. Thieves had made off with a variety of rare guitars and pedals, taken from a trailer attached to the band’s tour bus.

Taking to twitter, The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s founder Anton Newcombe wrote: “I honestly believe that together, all of us gearheads can make these very hard to sell. Let’s find this shit and talk rewards.”

“And to the mother fuckers that stole my shit that I feed my family with: it will be my hand that greets you when you die. you will (burn),” he continued. Despite the theft, the band managed to carry on with their tour of North America.

The following week, Portland police were clearing a homeless camp that had been the site of a homicide when a majority of the guitars were discovered.

“During the abatement, officers recovered 5 of 6 stolen guitars and other equipment taken in an April 18, 2022 theft from The Brian Jonestown Massacre band that was touring in Portland,” police said in a statement. “These guitars are reportedly from the 1960’s and have enormous sentimental value and are not easily replaceable.”

In a statement following the discover, Newcombe said: “We are all eternally grateful to the Portland Police Department for their help in finding our stolen equipment. It has been said that it had great sentimental value, however, I am not very sentimental. I use my gear to create music 6 days a week, to feed my family and employ my friends. These are the tool of my craft, no different than a truck full of tools used in construction or any other trade.”

Taking to Twitter, Newcombe added: “I am incredibly fortunate and have been blessed in so many ways, let’s spread that magic around and help people in need – together.”

Earlier this month, Brian Jonestown Massacre announced details of their 19th studio album. Called ‘Fire Doesn’t Grow On Trees’, it will arrive June 24 via Newcombe’s label, A Recordings.

“A lot of the album is about the affirmation by just living. Existentially, this time period, has felt pretty dark so it’s about fighting the good fight,” said Newcombe. “I’m singing to empower other people. First of all, I’m getting whatever I need out of it, but I can see it as something other people can identify with.”



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