South Korean musician RM of K-pop boyband BTS has addressed the controversy surrounding a post he made about Frank Ocean‘s 2012 song ‘Bad Religion’.

Earlier this month, BTS’ RM received backlash after he shared Frank Ocean’s ‘Bad Religion’ on an Instagram Story post. According to Koreaboo, the K-pop idol was called out by some for sharing what they allege to be an “Islamophobic song”, due to a line which uses the Arabic expression “Allahu Akbar“.

During a August 30 live stream on the fan community platform Weverse, RM spoke out about the backlash he has received. “I know what you’re talking about, you keep telling me that I insulted a religion, but I didn’t,” he said, as translated by Koreaboo.

“There was no intention to insult a religion. I respect every belief and religion,” the K-pop idol added. “I know what’s going on Instagram. I can see, but there was no such purpose or at least one percent of my heart with the intention to insult a religion.”

RM then clarified that he is “not apologising” for the controversy, but he is instead expressing his thoughts on what transpired. “I am 30 years old. I can express my true thoughts. […] Please believe my words from myself, not just guessing, pretending and assuming,” he added.

“I didn’t want to [talk] about this, but some people are making me [talk] about this,” RM continued. “I’ve been holding things in my heart for like ten years, but now I can’t deal with this, I have to say [it]. If it’s me, believe my own words.”

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