BUSH frontman Gavin Rossdale has expressed hope that people will emerge from lockdowns with a greater appreciation for all of our first responders and frontline workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Asked in a new interview with Kyle Meredith if he thinks humans will undergo a sustainable behavior change in response to the virus problem, Rossdale said (hear audio below): "I think there'll be some change. Most people probably, in all honesty, are revert-back type and will revert back to the same sort of patterns… "Along with all the terrible suffering from COVID, people are still having heart attacks, people still have cancer, people still need surgery, people still need medical procedures," he continued. "If you look at it on the microcosm, if you go to the hospital for some terrible reason, or someone you love, and they need to be sewn back up and taken care of and you're through the shock of it, suddenly you're wandering around going, 'Doctors and nurses are the greatest people ever.' And then in your everyday life, when you're dealing with problems with your spouse or your lover or your job or your co-workers, you don't elevate regular people that make society run in the way the people do now. So I hope that there's a greater appreciation of that frontline world that somehow can get lost in the melee unless you're unlucky enough to have to deal with them." BUSH's new studio, "The Kingdom", will be released on July 17. The first single from the LP, "Flowers On A Grave", was unveiled last month. The track, co-produced by Erik Ron and Rossdale himself, is the follow-up to "Bullet Holes", heard atop the end credits to "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum". Produced by Tyler Bates, "Bullet Holes" will also be featured on "The Kingdom". BUSH's last effort, 2017's "Black And White Rainbows", was crafted after Rossdale went through a divorce with pop star/reality TV judge Gwen Stefani in 2015. BUSH's current lineup also includes guitarist Chris Traynor, bassist Corey Britz and drummer Nik Hughes. The group, which broke up in 2002 but reunited in 2010, has released three albums since reforming.

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