The next Call Of Duty game, theorised to be Modern Warfare 3, is likely to be revealed next week as Activision fends off fake artwork of the game.

The publisher is yet to confirm the game’s title, but photos of Monster Energy packaging showed off a new logo for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a new outfit for popular character Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley and advertisements for in-game rewards.

The anticipation for the new game led to a scattering of fan-made mock-ups of what might be Modern Warfare 3 across social media. Possibly eager to quell any cynicism about what the game looks like, Activision posted its own artwork to its official Call Of Duty account on Twitter.

It is a crude if effective stick figure of a person with a grim expression holding a firearm. The stick figure is also wearing what could be a cowboy hat. The words “MODERN WARFARE REDACTED?” and “CALL OF DUTY” are featured in the font Comic Sans.

While Comic Sans was derided in the past, it has since had a renaissance as it is one of the most readable fonts for people with dyslexia. “We’ll share our artistic abilities and even more next week,” read the caption for the “real key art” for the new game.

Activision’s casual approach to leaks and responses to the next Call Of Duty game is winning it a lot of favour with its players. However, others shared concerns that the company might not be taking this entry as seriously as others, and that there might be less content than players would imagine in Modern Warfare 3.

In other gaming news, a Vampire Survivors: Directer’s Cut version was found at an event, featuring content like a 300-player local chicken co-op level.

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