Zombies are back in Call Of Duty: Warzone with the recent Season Four Reloaded update from this week.

Called Rebirth Of The Dead, this new time-limited spin on the classic Call Of Duty mode released yesterday (July 27), and will be gone fairly soon too. Taking place on Rebirth Island, the 40-player Quads mode will let players become zombies.

“As soon as we were asked to bring the memorable Zombie Royale to Rebirth Island, the whole team came on board with incredible enthusiasm and a great many ideas,” said Marc-André Gagné, Senior Expert System Designer at mode developer Beenox.

“Our number one priority was to keep what made the original mode great while adding a few key quality of life improvements and looking for ways to make it a uniquely Rebirth Island experience.”

Call Of Duty: Warzone. Credit: Activision Blizzard

Dubbed a “mini royale” mode, Rebirth Of The Dead will see teams of up to four squad up, and any players that die will become zombies themselves with a number of special abilities.

A charged jump will let players cover long distances, an EMP blast can destroy electronic equipment, digital optics and disable the player HUD, and a gas grenade will use toxic particles to disorient and damage human players.

Every time a zombie kills a human player they’re also given a Zombie Syringe, with four of them turning a zombie player back into an operator. These syringes can also be found in supply boxes, medical supplies and buy stations too.

Call of Duty: Warzone
Call of Duty: Warzone. Credit: Raven Software

Beenox has also outlined the three priorities for the new zombies mode, which are:

“One, we wanted to increase the opportunities for interactions between Operator and Zombies teammates. Number two was to increase the number of opportunities for players to return to the match,” explained Gagné.

“We wanted to keep the party going longer. And third, we wanted to increase the number of Zombies in play at once to get that feeling of truly having your back to the wall against a horde. The last two points are what inspired us to come up with the Infestation Mechanic.”

Rebirth Of The Dead is a time-limited event, although there’s been no specification for how long it will last.

In other news, a PS5 system update is gearing up to fully introduce 1440p support and game folders.

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