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Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom has shared new details on the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise, including confirmation of a demo arriving before release.

In a Monster Hunter Rise digital event, a new extensive look at the game was revealed, diving into new monsters, abilities and locations. The stream focused on one particular area known as the Frost Islands, which is an icy landscape home to some unique monsters.

One of the new monsters is known as Goss Harag, an intimidating beast which can produce icicles from its breath. Another shown was called a Lagombi, and can slide across the snowy landscapes on its belly.

Many of the new monsters shown were flying wyverns, including the electric based Barioth, the devastating Tigrex, and the Great Saggi, a monster which can use deadly fluid to knock you unconscious.

The stream also delved into the many traversal options available in the game, including the ability to use the Wirebug grapple to zip around the map, or the new ability to tame and mount some of the various monsters that inhabit the world.

All of these elements come together in the player hub, which operates similarly to the one found in Monster Hunter: World. Here, players can take on quests, prepare meals, and train ahead of the next hunt they have prepared.

See the full presentation below:

Alongside all the new details, Capcom also confirmed Monster Hunter Rise will have a demo available on the Nintendo Switch between January 8 to February 1.

The demo is said to be a substantial portion of the game, featuring all 14 available weapons and four quests to partake in. Some of the new elements such as wyvern riding will also be made available for players to test out ahead of its launch on March 26. The entire demo can be experienced either solo or cooperatively, in both local and online.

Read the full announcement below:

Monster Hunter Rise is not the only game in the franchise to be heading over to the Nintendo Switch this year. Monster Hunter Stories 2 has also been confirmed to be arriving, following on from the original game on the Nintendo DS.

Both games join other previously announced Nintendo Switch titles in 2021, including a port of Super Mario 3D World from the Wii U and Shin Megami Tensei V.

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