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Epic Games has removed the recently-added Chains Of Hades weapon from Fortnite’s tournament mode, after Doja Cat complained about the weapon.

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Chains Of Hades were one of several Greek-inspired weapons that were added to Fortnite as part of the Chapter 5 Season 2 update, with the whip-inspired weapon able to capture opposing players and drag them closer, or deal heavy melee damage.

However, as the game enters the final weeks of Myths and Mortals, Fortnite have removed the weapon from the tournament game mode, which will impact the Fortnite Championship Series grand finals taking place this weekend (May 18-19).

According to Epic Games (via esports.net), this is due to a bug that could cause major problems in a major tournament, though Chains Of Hades can still be found in ranked and pubs modes.


However, this change comes shortly after Doja Cat took to social media to complain about the weapon.

In a series of now-deleted posts on social media, Doja Cat wrote: “If you’re horrible and garbage at Fortnite make sure you grab a Chains of Hades whip to pass the time. Dumb c***s. If Fortnite knew what was good for them they’d get rid of Chains of Hades,” she added (via Eurogamer).  She then called a fan “terrible” for having Chains Of Hades as their favourite weapon.

Last night (May 16) Doja Cat said people who use other Myths and Mortals weapons like the Wings Of Icarus and Thunderbolt Of Zeus were “perfectly fine”.

She did have some choice words about the new Waterbending mythic though.

Fortnite wouldn’t be so fucking embarrassing if they made lobbies where people with actual aim skills and FPD experience didn’t deal with losers using fucking Waterbending and Chains Of Hades,” Doja Cat wrote. “Waterbending is fucking crutch. You are not good at the game because of Waterbending. I would become severely depressed if I had to rely on any of these stupid non-fucking-weapons,” she added.

A couple of Fortnite fans then came for Doja, one sharing a montage of her playing the game (“this is old baby,” she replied) while another wrote: “You mad cuz somebody just Zeused your ass and you finished #83.”

“I haven’t finished #83 in years. Try again, you fucking shrimp,” she responded.

Doja Cat previously revealed she modded The Sims so much, her Sims became drug kingpins and last year, she returned to Twitch to play PowerWash Simulator and gave fans a rendition of Beyoncé classic ‘Drunk In Love’.

In other news, Ubisoft has cancelled upcoming extraction shooter The Division: Heartland so it could “streamline its operations and adapt to evolving market trends.”

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