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Charli XCX has indicated work on her next album is in progress.

The artist shared several photos and a video on her Instagram in a gallery captioned “album 6 i guess”. The post included a photo of her holding a notebook evidently full of lyrics for a song called ‘The Apple’, another of her producer and creative director A.G. Cook and one of her with The 1975‘s George Daniel.

Charli also shared a video of her in the studio, recording a song with the line “When I go to the club I want to hear those club classics.”

The album in question would be the follow up to ‘Crash’, which was released last year.

Meanwhile, Charli also shouted out the writers of EastEnders this week for naming a baby after her in a storyline on the show.

The artist reposted a clip from last night’s show (September 5), on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption: “Shout out my gays in the writers room!”

In the clip, it is revealed that Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) and Ricky Mitchell (Frankie Day) have named their baby after Charli.

Lily’s mum, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), asks what they’ve called the baby and Ricky says she’s called “Charli” adding “after Charli XCX” to correct Stacey who assumes the name was after her late uncle Charlie.

Last month, Charli addressed speculation on the internet that she had fallen out with Rina Sawayama.

Some eagle-eyed fans had noticed that Charli had unfollowed Sawayama on her social media, leading to speculation on the internet that they had been feuding.

She confirmed in a statement that  there had been a “personal disagreement” between of the two of them which now appears to have been resolved.

“look – this all got a bit crazy – me and rina spoke about things on the phone just now,” she wrote. “my unfollowing (which happened a couple of weeks ago) was over a personal disagreement between friends which we’ve now spoken about <3”

She added in a further post: “anyways stream beg for you!”

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