FOZZY frontman Chris Jericho spoke to Loud Hailer about the progress of the recording sessions for the follow-up to 2017's "Judas" album. He said: "The COVID obviously pushed things back. The original idea was to put it out late summer/early fall, and it's not plausible, with everything getting shut down, all that sort of stuff. We then realized if we can't make it for 2020, let's not rush it, let's just get it out when it's ready. It's hard to tour right now, and not even knowing what the schedule's going to be or what's going to be allowed, we're just kind of taking that day by day, and just worrying about the songs, which are all amazing and incredible. We're really excited about this record, and I think it's going to be something that really takes us to the next level, just like 'Judas' took us up to the level we're at now." Asked if everything has already been done for the album, Chris said: "I was just starting the vocal process at that point, so they've got a long way to go, but we're working on it. The way that the world is today, obviously, when you record a record, we can record one or two songs at a friend's house and it's fine, but when you're recording a FOZZY record, I've got to get in the studio with the producer [Johnny Andrews] and [guitarist] Rich Ward, so that's a little bit more of a face-to-face type of a thing that you've got to do. When the time is ready and we can do that, I'll be the first in line, for sure." This past May, Jericho told Australia's Triple M radio station that FOZZY has "so many great songs" written for the new LP that "it's gonna be hard to pick the singles." Ward and Andrews are once again "doing the lion's share" of the songwriting for the new LP, which is being recorded primarily in Atlanta, Georgia. FOZZY's next album will include the song "Nowhere To Run", which recently hit Top 10 on the rock radio chart. The track is the band's third to hit Top 10 on rock radio, following "Judas" and "Painless". In addition to producing "Judas", Andrews previously co-wrote FOZZY's "Lights Go Out" track back in 2014. He has also written songs with the likes of ALL THAT REMAINS, THREE DAYS GRACE and HALESTORM. Last week, FOZZY announced the rescheduled "Save The World" tour dates, starting October 3 in Dallas, Texas and ending on November 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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